STABLE Dining Table

To enjoy a meal on a ship even in rough seas, STABLE has developed a stabilized deck where you can put a dining table for up to 20 people. When the ship moves, you and the table will always be leveled, leaving you unaffected and the wine still in the glasses.


The dining table platform can have a diameter of up to 6 meters/20 feet. Total payload can be 3 metric tons. The platform compensates for movements of up to +/- 6 degrees and builds a total of 43cm/17in above the original deck, or it can be lowered into the deck construction.

For more information, see STABLE Deck.

Technical Specifications (PDF)

For more information, see STABLE Deck.

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Are the table, chairs and deck stabilized together?

Yes, table and chairs are placed on the same moving deck.

How many people may be seated at the same time?

Up to 20 people on a platform of 5,5 m diameter.