STABLE Library


Enjoy a peaceful moment, watch TV, read a book and stay level; even when the waves are literally rocking the ship.

The STABLE Library sits on our Stabilized Platform. The library platform can have a diameter of up to 6 meters/20 feet. Total payload can be 3 metric tons.

The platform fits 20 people, compensating for movements of up to +/- 6 degrees. The library platform builds a total of 43cm/17in above the originally deck, or it can be lowered into the deck construction.

For more information, see STABLE Deck.

For more information, see STABLE Deck.

Are the library furniture and deck stabilized together?

Yes, all furniture is placed on the same moving deck.

How many people may be seated at the same time?

Up to 20 people on a platform of 5,5 m diameter.