The bed and your service are excellent.

Statement from a captain

We enjoyed marvelling that the self-leveling billiards tables that you see on the way in to this lounge. It is quite remarkable….gyroscope technology is used the keep the balls still while the table automatically adjusts for any movement of the ship, so the balls stays perfectly still. Be sure to take a look at this if you are on Brilliance.

Toward aft is the Bombay Billiards Club with self leveling pool tables which were constantly bobbing up and down (during the gale force winds of the North Atlantic Ocean) while the billiard balls were perpetually still. Incredible!

In the Billiard Club there are the first two self-leveling billiard tables at sea; it’s amazing how they compensate for the ship’s motion through the use of gyroscope technology, yet the balls remain absolutely stable. Captain Ringborn related to us that on the transatlantic voyage, the engineer, who oversaw installation of these tables, was found sleeping blissfully on one table during a rather nasty storm at sea, thus avoiding rolling, pitching, and motion sickness. This made us wonder if there would be gyroscopic beds, cabins or decks some day, eliminating the needs for motion sickness medicine.

The self-leveling billiard tables were amazing and certainly interesting to play on. I never thought that I would be able to play pool at sea, and you have to see it to truly experience it.

Jacquelyn Hyde

Leaving the ship, we enter the Colony Club, patterned after an English gentlemen’s club – dark wood, bookshelves, cushy chairs; a small but very nice showroom; a card room hidden aft and port. Oh, and pool tables! The pool tables are self-stabilizing. It’s weird to stand and watch them move around, keeping the balls still. Well, technically, it’s the ship that’s moving and the table is staying still, but you can’t tell that. A few years ago, on the dear departed CompuServe Cruise Forum, we discussed what attractions we thought we’d never see on a cruise ship. Three that stand out in my mind were an ice skating rink (who goes on a cruise to be cold?), a bowling alley (most of us can’t bowl straight in the best of conditions), and pool tables. Well, now only the bowling alley remains untried!

Mike Blanche

The Colony club is a cluster of five unique, beautifully decorated rooms, with wood herringbone floors, oriental rugs, dark wood paneling and a lot of cozy nooks and crannies. It has a romantic piano bar and lounge with groupings of comfortable armchairs that stretch across the aft end. It has a stage and dance floor area and the much talked about self-leveling pool tables in the Bombay Billiard Club.

Tom & Mary Milano

Arguably, the only thing that goes better with beer than pretzels is a pool table. And as something of a grace note, the Radiance of the Seas features the first billiard tables at sea – self-leveling ones, no less.

Arline Bleecker